Monday, 13 September 2010

I'll Be Damned if a Tube Strike Will Stop Me!

September 13

I will mention right now that there is no substance to this post. It is just something I found amusing.

So there was a 24-hour Tube strike exactly a week ago, and it did not really affect me that much, so I never really paid it any mind. However, today I saw a newspaper article about what was arguably the most determined man in the world.
Raw grit and determination.
I know the picture is not good quality (it is also not mine). Get over it. Anyway, this man was at the front of the mass of people headed to work via feet rather than Tube, and you can see from the picture how much of a badass he is. That picture was zoomed in so you can see the face; here is the full picture.
Oh no he didn't!
Don't judge. There is nothing more manly than riding a scooter. I look less awesome at all times during the day than this man does on a scooter. Anyway, this whole article made me realize that I need to watch more telly and read more papers.

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  1. I hate people riding scooters. Overall I found this depressing. I am going to go make more columns now.