Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Almost Fall Break

As it is almost Fall Break, I thought I would share my plans with everybody in boring itinerary form.

Oct 16:
We get left in Barcelona after our last class trip of first half of our semester. I will take the overnight train from Barcelona to Madrid with my friend Michelle. It will be 9 hours of non-boredom.

Oct 17:
I will get off the train in the morning, ditch Michelle, and meet Serezade, my friend from Spain, who is awesome. We will hang out the whole day and it will be awesome. I will inevitably run into a language barrier as I have forgotten Spanish in its entirety. I get to stay at her house tonight and see her family, who are also awesome. I will again inevitably run into a language barrier.

Oct 18:
I must unfortunately leave in the morning for London, where I will meet my parents. We will do British stuff.

Oct 19:
British stuff continues.

Oct 20:
My parents and I will go on a train to Paris. We experience Frenchness.

Oct 21:
Frenchness continues.

Oct 22:
I ditch my parents and fly to Milan, gradually making my way to the middle of nowhere. I sleep here.

Oct 23:
I get up, eat breakfast, and then jump off a 500 ft bridge named "Colossus" while attached to an over-sized rubber band. Return to London after.

By the way, if you have (you haven't) been wondering why I have not been updating, it's because we have been doing nothing but work. Work sucks. Montreal sucks.

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